What’s the Difference Between Deductibles and Self-Insured Retentions?

Insurance jargon can be hard to understand, and possibly frustrating when you end up paying more for your insurance policy than you thought you would. Knowing some of the terms your insurance agent may use can definitely help. Here’s the difference between deductibles and self-insured retentions.


Five Powerful Social Media Marketing Tools to Make your Life Easier

Social media marketing can be overwhelming, especially managing several platforms. Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or another site, the following social media marketing tools can help you monitor each channel and integrate them with your email campaigns, e-commerce software, and website.

Launching a Business Website? Here’s What You Need to Know

Have you been struggling to reach new customers? Fighting for more sales? Working to develop brand recognition? It’s time to create a website. In order for your business to succeed in today’s changing market, you need to have an internet presence. This doesn’t just include social media sites. Your company also needs a complete website… Continue reading Launching a Business Website? Here’s What You Need to Know

Restaurant Management Resources – Four Tempting Tools for Restaurateurs 

Are you a restaurant owner looking for tools to help increase the profitability of your establishment? Or a restaurant manager looking for hospitality resources you can share with your boss? As restauranteurs ourselves, we know there is so much work involved it is often overwhelming. Luckily, there are a growing number of tools being developed… Continue reading Restaurant Management Resources – Four Tempting Tools for Restaurateurs 

5 Tips when Insuring a Business Vehicle

Businesses face somewhat different problems than private car owners when it comes to purchasing vehicle insurance. Most car owners know that agents routinely ask the question about how the car will be used. They always want to know if it will be used for business because it adds more risk to the insurer. Business need… Continue reading 5 Tips when Insuring a Business Vehicle

When Do You Need A Commercial Auto Insurance Policy?

There is a big difference between a commercial auto insurance and a personal auto policy. Do not think that you can use one in lieu of the other. You need a commercial auto insurance if you are driving your car for business pursuits. If you own a business regardless of size, you should buy liability auto coverage. This is a legal requirement that you must comply with, particularly if you have to use a vehicle or several vehicles to carry on your business operations.