Who’s Responsible for Removing Snow and Ice?

Snow is a beautiful thing to look at. However, when you have to go about your daily life with snow and ice, it can become a challenge. Sometimes people slip and fall on icy surfaces. Who is responsible for clearing snow and ice? That usually depends on where the snow and ice are located.


7 Reasons Why More Businesses Are Getting into Social Media Marketing

Marketing through social media is becoming more and more popular. Why this is happening? Because it works! Those who do not use Facebook or Twitter may not understand why, but this article will list seven reasons why social media marketing is the way to go for your business.

How to Skyrocket Your Restaurant’s Profit with Email Marketing

When you manage or own a restaurant business and want to succeed, nothing compares to the raw power of an effective marketing plan. Getting people to come through your doors takes time and money, and some people will leave and never come back even if they enjoyed the food and service. Earning repeat business from… Continue reading How to Skyrocket Your Restaurant’s Profit with Email Marketing